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Pop Up Shops
Shopping is Popping Up

Application Deadline June 1st at 6pm to Knight Barry 113 3rd Ave or dee@knightbarry.com

Shopping is popping up in Downtown Baraboo!  Downtown Baraboo Inc has found yet another way to keep things new and exciting in our fantastic downtown.  Starting a business is a daunting prospect, but DBI is offering a way to start in a small-scale format.  This October through Christmas, Downtown Baraboo will be hosting a new and trending program featuring businesses known as “Pop Up Shops”.  These shops will be temporary retail shops located throughout downtown.  This is a way to fill any vacant spots or even enhance current businesses as these shops could be located inside of an existing business as well.  It is also an opportunity for an entrepreneur to experience opening their business in a controlled and small-scale way with the support of local experienced business leaders.  Finding success in this format could lead these business to locate permanently in Downtown Baraboo.

This effort is in cooperation with DBI, and BID with the support of the City of Baraboo.  In the spring of 2017, members of these groups visited Viroqua, WI where they have been hosting “Pop Up Shops” for several years with much success.


Baraboo Business Improvement District Pop-Up Program

The Pop-Up Program is an initiative of the Baraboo Business Improvement District and private property owners in Baraboo to offer low-rate, short-term leases to local entrepreneurs. Selected applicants will occupy vacant storefronts throughout the fall and holiday shopping season with the goal of long-term occupancy after program completion.

What will this accomplish?

  • Enhance the look and feel of Downtown Baraboo
  • Enhance the retail core of Downtown Baraboo with more merchants and products
  • Reduce negative visual impact of vacant store fronts
  • Generate more traffic, more shopping downtown
  • Offer a low cost option for local businesses to try new ideas/reach new customers

What are the dates of the program?

The pop-ups will operate from October 1 to December 31. Grand opening celebrations will be held on a date to be determined.

Advantages for Downtown Baraboo Pop-up Shop selected businesses

Starting a new business is a very overwhelming task. Our Downtown Baraboo Pop Up Shop Committee has created a mentoring program to help guide our new businesses through some of the major challenges of opening a New Business.

  • Subsidized rents in preselected prime commercial spaces in Downtown Baraboo
  • New Business Mentoring programing with local business professionals, on topics such as, but not limited to Finance, Budgeting, Taxes, Marketing, Legal issues, and other business related topics.
  • One year Downtown Baraboo Inc. membership
  • Ability to participated in all Christmas in Downtown Baraboo activities, including the Winter Wine Walk